Friday, March 31, 2017

I am sadness ...

I wish I still possessed a copy of Lady Hawke, for I am sadness.

I know it's only been a fortnight since Ted died, but I am subject to tragic thoughts when I Scooter.  I started crying half way home from work.  Really it is enough to put One off Scooters.  Great though they are.

It was the same with Bubba after he disappeared. I guess Ted is the closest I've come to having a long term relationship to anything.  It is only fair that I cry as much for Ted as I did for Bubba.

I wish I was still painting, even though I've never shown any talent for it.

It was a stopgap that stemmed the bad thoughts.

I shall buy a canvas this weekend to hammer into my subconscious my lack of talent and hopefully the urges will ebb. It's not as if I am any kind of artist?? It​'s stoopid. Appropriate for the stoopid pills, hey?

1 comment:

  1. I am so sorry. And if paiting can ease your sorrow, that is all the talent you need.
    Says someone also with no creative talent.