Saturday, April 1, 2017


I have been raised with a hetrosexual viewpoint, but still keep in mind childhood crushes on admired girls/teachers and do not rule them out, but am not a sexual being.

Indeed sex seems like a great deal of exercise for a muscle spasm.

I have never had a girl on girl relationship, though I have been assumed to be lesbian by others in the past.  At the schhols I went to girls didn't mix much with boys, and after that I have mostly always worked with older women.

I admire and adore a friend met online named Bec. She is awesome.  She is also beautiful, intelligent and talented.  I would feel inferior in her presence if she were not so lovely.  Instead, she makes you feel more ept and enabled and smarter, just being around her.

There is a young lady with a boyish look (a cross of Bec and a boy I was in love with when I was six) who works at the local supermarket.

She crosses all my wires and I stutter like a fool when she serves me.

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