Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fed up

I am fed up with the stupid pills.

I am not that upset with pain.
It really isn't​ all that bad for me.
It is a very mild flare.

I was upset with the deterioration in my hands, but nothing seems to be helping with the restrictions being imposed on my tendons. Indeed, it seems to be worse on the medication. I have three fingers which used to bend wot no longer do.

I only wanted to see a specialist because the disease was impacting on my ability to work, but medication appears to have a worse affect.

If I were rich and didn't have to work, I would persist.

... but fuck this for a lark ...

The stupid medication makes me sad.
I am randomly crying.

I have a nice, pleasant, no stress life.
I've worked hard too make it so.

I should not be crying into my​ dinner.

I will ring tomorrow to cancel the follow up appointment.

I have finally gotten round to buying a cd player, and am enjoying Bach's cello suites. Ta yo-yo Maa. You is da boom, hey?

You do me much more good than the silly pills.

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