Friday, April 7, 2017

Pill night Thursday ...

... so intense dreams.

First dream, started as a home invasion of my current abode. Managed to get a call off to 000 before the tyre-iron welding men got in, then unexplainably relocated to my grandmothers home (but which is a frequent location for my dreams).

Towards the end of the dream, with the police never showing up, I had skin tags and warts noted by my main attacker on my arms and shoulders and he decided that he would cut them off and excise them without any form of anesthetic or alcohol.  My semi naked figure was tied to a table whilst he cut and sewed with black thread.

Dream two was lovely and involved me travelling repetatively through mustard, blue, green and pink corridors and stairs. The green being my favourite because I tapshoed and shuffled my way down them too joyous music.  These are the colours my grandmothers houses walls were painted. A colour for each wall. Apparently it was the fashion at the time. My mother picked the colours out.

Dream three consisted of my current abode crumbling and sinking into the earth. I was trying to rescue my books.  It started with a leak in the bathroom wall that slowly ate the concrete away and ended with my whole family there, but not being much help and myself squirralling through openings to get to the closed off rooms to throw my books out the windows to safety.

My situation not helped with being unable to call ghe landlaord straight away because we had to clean the kitchen and lounge before he saw it, because I am such a messy person.

Dream two was lovely.
I wish I had more like them.

They're usually more like dream one and two, though they are exciting and interesting too.

I love dreaming :)


  1. Your dreams (good and weird) are much more dramatic than mine. I tend to dream in conversations rather than images...

    1. I cannot tell a lie. I rather wish I had sex dreams like my sister. Even if they have to be about people one works with. Strange though that would be.