Monday, April 23, 2018

Poor Suki ...

... managed to muster her safely into the cat carrier.
Cone and all.

She removed the cone herself a couple of days before, whilst I was at work,  so I left it off overnight so she could get a good clean in.

She licked off all the fur on the back of her back legs along with a couple of other patches.  God only knows what the vet thinks "insert sad worried oppressed face emoji"

She vomited up spit vomit in stress at the voyage.
I stopped at my sister's place on the way to clean her up.
Three or four vomits later she was at the vets.

Couldn't get her out of the cage.
Eventually was able to get a towel over her and slide her out.

She was very well behaved once she had a towel over her head.
If only they made those hawk/falcon hoods for small feral nervous cats.

All healed up beautifully .
Vet happy.

Subsequent behaviour interesting.

Still a very discreet cat.
Unlikely to be assertive or put herself forward.

Except occasionally.
She appears to have decided that I am fair game when sitting upright, which I don't do often as I only really have one wooden chair that is not very comfortable to sit on, but which the arms of which are very useful in helping me get up from the mattress on the floor, which is my bed at present, and that I am spending far too much time reclined on.

She is very cute.
Even in her piebald state.

My sister says she looks like Toothless from how to train your dragon.


  1. I can remember our M'lady. Shaved belly, after being desexed. Scabby ear because they had tattooed it to show she was desexed. Shaved front paw to put the anaesthetic in. Shaved chest after the bastard kid behind us shot her with his airgun as she sunned herself in the yard. She looked a mess, but still knew she was beautiful. And she was.

  2. She looks cool as a cucumber in this picture. Very nice.