Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well ... I have layby (half now and half next week) a fridge and two old chairs with funky fabric.  I shall have to clean.  A fridge and freezer for $295 which is about thirty or forty dollars cheaper than the cute black barfridge.  Sadly they don't deliver on weekends.  The delivery dude is a seventh day Adventist and doesn't work Saturdays.

My wyrd is worn on sleeve, it appears.  Yesterday at work was chatting with another lady during a lull in the phones and she asked me if I had children or had ever been married.  I replied, no, I have cats.  Which caused her to collapse in giggles and slap the divide between herself and the other lady she is friends with and exclaim through the laughter "she has cats".  Apparently they had been speculating earlier in the day and she had remarked that I looked like a cat lady.

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