Saturday, July 24, 2010

Morning :)

Michael-cat found the catnip I planted in the garden and has eaten it nearly down to the ground.  Had to put a plastic box over it this morning.  Think he discovered it yesterday and has been hopped up on it ever since.  Is no longer interested in the cat grass or the cat mint.  It's only the hard stuff he desires now.

I didn't mean to go into the African shop.  It has such lovely stuff in it.  They stock bits of fossils and old roman rings as well as cd's, clothes, jewellary and hair.  I'd love to have an old roman ring or a fossil necklace, but resisted only to fall at the shirts.  They looked like hybrid safari shirts.  Like they had taken the shoulders, sleeves and pockets and sown them onto funky fabric.  I am supposed to be buying a fridge today damnit!

*curses her own weakness and lack of control*

Breakfast was fantastic.  I was contemplating never going there again even though I love my table and balcony, but the eggs benedict is terrible and the normal eggs and bacon is just ordinary.  I had forgotten they do an awesome BLT.  *sighs happily*

I shall now go to the second hand shop before I get distracted by any other awesome potentially purchasable objects/stuff/clothes/books/music/things and look at old fridges.  I shall try and put the funky matte-black bar fridge I saw at Joyce Maine completely out of my head.  I shall think cheap.  I shall think worthy frugality.


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