Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gibbering with delight

... and to make my week complete the ever so fabulous whatever his name is, but currently his myspace page is under the name "The Commas" has a new song up *happy sigh*

I melt into a little happy puddle of sighs listening to him *sigh*

I think his name is Marc Pearl, but I can't remember why I think that.  I'm sure I probably put some effort into trying to find out more about him after I came across that song of his that I adore before (letter you wrote), like, last year or the year before or something.

So started work.  Two ladies in office.  Second week there second lady resigns.  Second lady is calling in sick all the time and therefore not available to teach me stuff for after she is gone.  First lady is stressed and overworked and nearly  having nervous breakdown (and near quitting too - the jokes about it are sounding less jokey).   It's rather like sharing a room with Rose Porteous flying off the handle during a 60 minute interview.

I'm sure it's not me.
I'm lovely to work with.
People tell me so.

I am sure they are not just humouring me.

I made her listen to Dan Kelly's latest album this morning and she likes it a lot :) 

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