Thursday, November 25, 2010


Alone and abandoned, so I've decided to actually stop for lunch today.  Think only the fourth time I have done so since I've been here (including Melbourne Cup Day) - (which has been great cause I've lost a bit of weight - w00t! - though of course starving oneself is not a good way to go about such things, eh? *slaps wrist unrepetantly because is wearing a shirt I haven't been able to wear for a while*)

Have my fingers crossed that somebody with keys will turn up before closing to lock the office up, since I've none myself.

I am feeling terribly relaxed today.
In a pottering mood.
I think I shall put some Augie March/Glenn Richards on repeat and clean out the work fridge :)

Boss man is away at other office in different town.
Boss lady is on a personal day.
Lady leaving Friday has been sick all week, but popped in for a few hours today to go through some stuff with me and has gone again.  She is genuinely sick with a chest infection (which I would have turned up to work with if I were just about to finish and inflicted on everybody, but she has the added difficulty of not having anybody to look after her baby-daughter cause the mother-in-law who does the childcare for her is the one who gave her the chest infection - lol) - so must remember to speak up positively for her to boss when he comes back.

I am alone in a donga/office in front of an empty warehouse/shed in an industrial area.
It's lovely and quiet.
I always expected industrial areas would be more noisey during the day-time?
My fantasy of living in a big old empty warehouse is sounding better and better to me :)
Everytime I wonder through the workshop I imagine what it would look like furnished with masses of cheap crap bookcases to divide it into areas and old sheets hanging from the ceiling.  One could put all the bookcases on bricks and just hose the floor out when one needed to clean.  It would be great!

The cats would love it.


  1. Been meaning to ask (since I've been out of the loop for awhile over here), is this job a temp or did you finally have the good luck to land this as a perm?

  2. Tis permanent :)
    (a little lower paid than I've had in a while - but still reasonable)

  3. Then congratulations on becoming gainfully employed on a permanent basis.