Saturday, November 20, 2010


Oh god the frustration.
I have the album and no way of playing it.

I did spend some time reading the lyrics, which are cool and one of which mentions a bear riding a bicycle which made me think of Ed - lol.

I am not entirely sure how I managed to spend quite as much money as I have and I haven't yet bought cat supplies for the fortnight and I want shoes and a vaccum cleaner - why doesn't anybody sell cd walkman anymore?  Arse.

I had breakfast out.  It was nice, but uneventful. 

The lady I am working with is charming, but excessive and vocal.  A scene-maker.  Dramatic throwing of hands and working of ridiculously long hours and excitement in her personal life.  I wanted to gag her on Thursday.  I have definitely become an old cranky woman.  Probably I should just give up and go out and buy full brief knickers now.  Accept the inevitability.

Focus.  Shoes.  CD player.
Set top boxes and vaccum cleaners may need to wait for another day.
(only the humid weather has brought out the fleas and I soo wanted to get on top of the situation before it got on me - sigh)


  1. I've got a discman/woman/person - happy to send it.

  2. muchos grassyarse - but Big W came to the rescue, though at a somewhat higher price than I was expecting. Firstly bought the $19.99 dollar one and took it home just as it was starting to rain, but I only got a little bit damp on my scooter and was terribly EXCITED at finally getting to hear Mr Richard's CD, but it didn't work - left stewing aimlessly thwarted whilst the rain did it's business in my yard which is now a quagmire, when could take it no more and donned denim jacket as mild defense against potential assault from bitumen (translation: in case I fell off my scooter in the wet weather again) and planned on being a responsible adult and taking the offending article back for exchange, and upon arrival realised I'd been concentrating on psyching myself up to return a bought article, which I have never done before, realised I'd left it at home and decided "fuck it" and bought the $50 dollar walkman, while at the same time noting I could have bought an MP4 for less money.

    Good CD though.