Thursday, November 18, 2010

Things that will make me mental

  • not getting my grubby little paws on Glenn God Richards album in the near future (hopefully I will make it to JB Hi-Fi on my little scooter without getting run over by cars this evening - it is surrounded by a moat of 70/80 km roads)
  • fleas
  • hoighty-toity cats with opinions on the state of their litter trays on the day before I get paid
  • lack of computer access (being very wicked and bad and sneaky using work computer right now, but very little opportunity to do so - sigh)
  • Wet, rainy weather drowning my tomatos which were just about to finish producing their first set of fruit. 
but I am not all complaint.

I am actually feeling quite chipper and dashed into the shops between work and nieces end of year music concert to buy third & eigthth series of It Ain't Half Hot Mum - show I am watching over and over again obsessively lately for unknown reason.

Regression to childhood? 
Afternoon after school spent watching show?
Am I secretly hoping that this means someone else is going to magically turn up and cook my dinner?


  1. hope you get the album soon. i've become quite dependent on it.

  2. w00t!

    Still think I may love Long Pigs the best. Glimjack is so great too though. And that line from Painter by Numbers about having too many children brings joy to the lapsed catholic in me. I was an accident of the rhythm method :) mother only meant to have three children. In my head I keep imagining Katy Steele singing Old Love.