Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aye Currumba

So ... I gave notice yesterday  - but for 2 September.

I want to try and get up to date and leave a nice organised desk for the next person (and to save up for the period of unemployment that is undoubtedly going to follow). 

Was hoping to let it slide for a while without any announcements, but HRish person is participating in charity bike ride and dropping in to office tomorrow and they want to do an exit interview.

My nerves are a bit worn and I keep suddenly crying without warning, so I'd really rather not have an exit interview right now.  I hate crying publicly.  It is humiliating.  And I look dreadful.  All snotty and red blood shot eyes. 

Lady who was demoted is going to go spare and newbie trial manager is going to be unhappy - which will make me unhappy because he is quite lovely. 

Lady who was demoted's 'that's not my job anymore' does not quite seem to be garnering the attention she appears to want - but she is not letting this stop her.


  1. Sorry to hear that work finally became too much for you.

    Good luck on finding another.

  2. Ta me lovelies :)

    ... and today demoted lady has decided to finish up and devote herself to motherhood and a TAFE course for a bit.

    I have indigestion.

  3. Best of luck MCL. Hopin' your next place of employment is a bit more pleasant.