Saturday, July 2, 2011

Love schmove

The lady I work with is possibly in love and at the very least excessively happy and filled with vim and vigour which has resulted in her talking CONSTANTLY.

I quite like self absorbed people under normal circumstances.  I have never been much good at small talk and someone happy to talk about themselves takes the burden of conversation off me, but she is also blessed with an abundance of energy, possibly something to do with the gurana, fish oil and other vitamins she is downing - but she is a hyper active person anyway and will wake at 2 in the morning and unable to get back to sleep does not go have a warm bath and a glass of milk, but instead get up and clean her house - she talked for eight hours straight yesterday even though I had the "don't interrupt me I need to concentrate" headphones on.  I am going to go deaf if I have to keep upping the volume on the walkman.

Flogging my best of Warren Zevon cd at present.  Have come to really really like the second half of the french inhaler even though I don't really like the first half.  You said you were an actress, yes I believe you are, I thought you'd be a star, so I drank up all the money, yes I drank up all the money with these phoneys in this hollywood bar, with these friends of mine in this hollywood bar"


  1. Next time she wakes at 2am with the cleaning bug suggest she comes to your house and does yours (quietly) or mine. My sympathies are with you big time - I find people like that truly underwhelming.

  2. Ha ha - very nicely put, TEC!

  3. she's a nice person and I was going to say something like "being in love makes lots of people self-obsorbed", but that would be a bit of a fib, cause she is a bit like that anyway, which is not to say that she doesn't think of other people ever, but - she has so much drama in her life I find it exhausting just listening to it - probably its good she is hyperactive so that she can keep up

    *blush* I am so catty today meow