Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday morning at work

Another awesome post by Black Hockey Jesus.  What must it be like to be so consistantly awesome?  What would it be like to have a head and a heart that thinks stuff like this?  My head don't think nothink.  I exist in static until somebody asks me to do something. 

This is the thing about being an easy going person - one just doesn't care about stuff.  Hard to blaze a trail when you have nothing you feel strongly about.  I am a moon without a planet and a sun to circle.

Sometimes its so empty in here that a word or the end of a sentence will echo for a while afterwards.  Moonwalk around my brain at a gentle bounce.  Fecking vandals get everywhere though.  There are large sections with rude words sprayed in flurescent paint.  And what is a cigarette butt doing here?  Arsing things get everywhere.  Some people are soo inconsiderate.  And whats this?  Hell, would it kill to use the rubbish bin?  It's not bush week you know!

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