Tuesday, August 2, 2011


hummmmm ... so ... I've resigned my job with a very narrow financial comfort zone -  I would go so far as to say with no zone - and I am still trying to think of some way of coming up with around $400 to fly to Brisbane to go hear Glenn Richards accompanied by the delightful and talented Dan Luscombe and supported by the equally talented and delightful Mike Noga - sigh

If I go down for a week and visit my mum I could get flights for under $250, but that is a long time for my sister to feed my cats and scoop their poop.  It is $250 I shouldn't spend and certainly it will cost me more than that for food and trains etc.  Plus there would be the hotel for the night of the gig cause the trains will have stopped by the time it is finished.

I really need to get my scooter serviced.

damn damn damn damn damn and blast

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  1. Good luck. I really, really hope it comes together for you.