Sunday, August 7, 2011

This is my weekend

So ... I have two computers I work on.  One is our companies the other is a clients. 

It should be simple to run a report from our database with times worked on a job and fill it in onto the clients.  Sadly it is not. 

There were some new things we haven't billed before which the person entering the times and equipment didn't understand what should and should not be included and then we had a temp working at the office checking to see if that matched the timesheets and then filling it in on the clients database for us because we were somewhat behind and they said it would make my life easier. 

So now I am going back over our database and comparing times to the timesheets and correcting our database and then going back over the clients database to see what was entered and correcting that. 

To complicate matters I can't delete anything from the clients database and can only enter 13 records of time at a time, the total hours of which then have to equal a line on a different tab and than save that and start the next 13. 

What makes this time especially tricky is that what was entered on the first record should have been broken down into normal time, time and a half and double time.  So I have to change the line on the first record of 3.  Make sure the total hours worked for that record equal the line on the other tab and then find space on the third record to enter the time and a half and double time and then update the total hours worked on the line on the other tab for that record and then since there are a few of these but not all of them, I have to save that record, just to be on the safe side and then I have to go back through the three tiered classification system to bring that record up again to do the next one I may come across, because if I try to just edit a second time the whole database comes up with a run time error and shutsdown.

Six hours yesterday and I am having trouble making myself start today.

I am looking at it and it's like my brain is saying 'why don't you just go squat on a piece of land in the middle of nowhere and grow your own food instead.  you could have chickens.  and goats.  goats would be cool.  you know you want a goat.' 

One Hour Later

and of course we have both subcontractors and employees working, who work different hours at normal time and of course the ones who normally only work 8 hour days have been working 10 hours days with overtime being billable but the person entering the timesheets didn't realise and I have already completed three weeks of this and only just noticed they don't have their overtime entered for their 10 hour days during the week - bugger bugger bugger


  1. Aaaargh. This made my brain hurt (not difficult it is true) just reading it, let alone trying to do it. Goats are good.

  2. Yep, and maybe I could teach the goats tricks!

    Maybe I could get the goats to pretend they're dead and roll over and stuff.

    And the chickens could ride on their backs.

    And maybe I could put little hats on the chickens!

  3. Well, even if you don't become a blocky, I sincerely hope your next place of employment has a less rooted I.T. approach. It sounds like teaching chooks to ride goats would be far more sane than what you're doing now.

    And if you do become a blocky, remember that boy goats are the smelly ones.

  4. Ahhh, the joys of doing payroll.

    Welcome to my all consuming, all aggravating world.

    Sometimes, being a farmer can be a lot easier than doing payroll.