Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Afternoon *beep beep beep* leave a message after the tone

I had to give up trying to work at about 3ish
my brain refused to function
I kept making stoopid little mistakes
instead I paced
back and forth
pressed my nose to the tinted glass door
drew a picture of a fly passing through one of my ears and out the other on the whiteboard
told the boss I had to stop
he said 'fair enough'

and now I am going to have a beer with the men
and listen to them say fuck every second word
in a non agressive normal chit-chatty australian kind of way


  1. It is fascinating how many things fuck can be made to mean, ranging from 'my goodness that hurt A LOT,' to 'oh, that is amazing', to 'do you mean that?' and not forgetting 'go away and stop bothering me please'. The one thing it almost never means in the Australian vernacular is anything to do with sex. Weird.

  2. The one thing it almost never means in the Australian vernacular is anything to do with sex

    We have the word "root" for that; which I also find cool. And I like how you can use "cunt" in a totally inoffensive, off-the-cuff manner (and it almost never has anything to do with vaginas).

    Fuck also gets used as a generic adjective/adverb replacement and placeholder for when one can't think of the next word to say.

    eg: I fuckin' asked if any cunt wanted it and ... fuckin' ... no cunt was fuckin' interested.

    I used to do this myself until I decided that it made me sound even less intelligent than if I paused and said "um" a lot.

  3. I like it when work superiors just go 'fair enough'. I too am in a permanent state of Unhappy-with-my-job, and when I quit the last one two weeks ago, my supervisor just said, 'oh, you're finally over it? Fair enough.'

  4. My last permanet boss would always tell me to head off home on the day before (or Friday before) I waS heading away on leave. I only ever went away for a day or two to go see Augie March play and I mostly didn't do it, but I LOVED that he said it. His name was Neale and he was one of the most awesome human beings I've worked with. *I make some sort of hand gesture and say respect or word or somesuch* An excellent human being. My current boss comes very close to the same humanist (sp?) attitude. I appreciate it a great deal.

    I KNOW that my sisters would highly disapprove if I started casually using cunt. But I love it. I use it in my head. This dates precisely from starting to visit thesiteformallyknowas and can only attribute it to Perseus and Ramoninsertnamehere.

    cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt

    my nieces are not to read this and totally are not allowed to say cunt

    particularly not at christmas time in front of their grandmother like my eldest nieces first family public usage of the word fuck

  5. How old was she and was it in the context of, "What the fuck was Santa thinking?"

  6. she was five and having trouble with a shoe - lol