Thursday, August 11, 2011

One of the reasons I wish I were a hermit

A person I work with is talking about, and probably would/will, killing their neighbours cat that is taking a dump in his backyard.

This is Townsville folks.  This is the place where men are happy to kill other peoples pets and put their corpses in the wheelie bin, if they stray too close to their yard.

Why can't they just piss all round the perimeter of the yard like wot animals do?

Their mother-in-law suggested they leave out some milk with an aspirin dissolved in it.

How lovely.


  1. It's sad that it comes to that, but unfortunately, I don't have a lot of sympathy. I don't think people should have to piss around the perimeter of their yard because one of their neighbours lets a pet wander about freely.

  2. Possibly it is unreasonable of me, but I think actually talking to the owner might be a more adult first step.

    My second step after that would be either council or a cat trap from the RSPCA and a trip to the pound.

    I am not against controlling animals - there are certainly a kagillion of large scary dogs wondering unchecked in my neighbourhood, but I think it is wrong to just out of hand kill somebody elses family pet. Particularly when you sound like you would enjoy it just because you don't like the breed. He wouldn't be talking like this about a dog. He would probably befriend it and teach it tricks.

  3. You're right of course. If RSPCAs and pounds and councils are viable options, then that's the way to go. But I've lived in places small enough that it wasn't and some people will just tell you to "fuck off" if you try to talk to them.

    And yes, dogs are a bigger problem than cats. I once lived across the road from a young bloke who let his dogs wander around freely. One day one attacked a woman and had to be brained with a besser block. The owner was devastated over the loss but all I could think was "what a selfish cunt".

  4. I'm with you. Talk to the owner as step the first. Then talk to the council/RSPCA. We had to ransom one of our cats from the RSPCA for similar offences. He and we learnt our lesson. But the unhappy people never did talk to us - trapped the cat and carted him away. We found him by going through the RSPCA website.

  5. there are few things as horrible as a pet just disappearing and I am very happy your found yours.

    One of the ladies I worked with a couple of years back little dog got out and ran off and she was calling all the radio stations and ringing the pound daily. Two weeks went by and she had her daughters standing on the main road of their suburb holding up signs and door knocking. Some one stopped and they found their dog again. A lady had found him and taken him in.

  6. I'm just glad to hear a couple of pet stories that have happy endings.