Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I have been amusing myself

An email advising it was our last chance to submit articles for the company magazine, in combination with my imminent departure, resulted in a wander through past poetic efforts and I sent some off to the lady - though I don't expect them to print my ode to my knickers.  I sat in my chair cackling to myself at my own funny imagining her face.  She sent back a "brillant, thank you", which can only be a piss-take of the highest water. 

I had far too much fun reading my own poems. 
These were two I liked too much today - I didn't send them to the work magazine.  She would have thought me a complete nut then - lol



And the minotaur ones.  They amused me no end.  Lame but, ey?

He spewed cud into his mouth and chewed
strutted up to me on alligator appliqu├ęd hooves
How yoou doing? Don't think I've seen you round before.
Whats say we find somewhere private and you can get to know The Minotaur?
and he hitched his belt buckle with an unnecessary twitch of muscles in his too tight shirt buttoned only half way up his chest.
No wonder he had to get that greek king to pimp for him by chucking girls into the Labyrinth.


  1. I love Boney. Also the Minotaur excerpt. And they would brighten up any corporate mag I have had inflicted on me.

  2. Gotta admit that I'm curious as to what an "ode to knickers" sounds like.