Sunday, August 14, 2011

but .. but ... where did it go?

And what did I do,
with my weekend of liberty?
but lay slugabug in bed with book and computer
Misusing myself and my time ineffectually
when really I wanted to be in the sun
Playing with my niece or maybe gardening
But it took sooo long to save up for the elven sword
and I had to earn another couple of strength points
so I could pick the darn thing up
I yearned for the 'special' one at the gamblers shop
but couldn't afford it
he kept putting the price up as soon as I'd met the old one
so I bought the ordinary old one and had it ensorcialled
with sockets
though one doesn't get to choose
one has to get lucky to get sockets
and by then it was 7:30 sunday night and I was feeling a bit peckish

I think my arse has grown two sizes in two days
Maybe I should have been shopping for a virtual caftan
instead of a virttual elven sword


  1. Just so long as you don't find whole years slipping away like that. And arses can inflate to astronomical proportions if you don't keep an eye on them. I speak from experience.

  2. Fortunately I can't see my arse (it is behind me) because I sadly fear Alex is right.

  3. It's so lovely to be in touch with you again Ms Mad Cat Lady, to read your bittersweet and funny stories. And to see your pretty picture! :)