Thursday, August 11, 2011


It has been a very long time since I've had internet at home.

The last time I was connected I was obsessing, hopefully in a relatively good and harmless way, about my favourite band and searching anything I could about them.  I would run a google search everyday, just to make sure I didn't miss out on any articles or hints of tour dates or pictures, etc.

This came to a crashing halt the evening I tried repeatedly to feed a virgin pre-paid voucher into my telstra mobile broadband device.  I was steamed.  Could not work out why it wasn't working.  It was two days after I was locked out that I realised what I had done wrong.

Didn't I feel like a dill, ey?

But I am out of practice and this is somewhat forced upon me by my soon to be unemployed state, though not as soon as it was previously because as they are now going to solicite resumes via advertisement I have offerred to stay another two weeks to allow time for this and with the hope that I will at least get a week to train my replacement, since nobody else at my workplace actually knows how I do what I do.  Not that I am sure they couldn't come up with a work around to train them if required, but I would feel bad.

So now after nearly two years of merely eating working sleeping I shall have to attempt to be an interesting person again, if I were before - which probably I wasn't.  Christ I hope that happens quickly, because I am beyond bored with myself.  I haven't wanted to be alone with myself and have consequently either been drinking too much or compulsively playing stoopid computer games until the small hours of the morning.

And now?  I struggle with the urge to fly to Brisbane to go see Glenn Richards, Dan Luscombe and Mike Noga at the Old Museum on Saturday, 10 September.  I wanna. I wanna.  I wanna.
*stamps foot emphatically* 
( though probably in a slightly illiterate way cause I have never been able to spell proper no matter wot my english teacher thought I should cause I read so much)

To look forward to there will be late night drunken posts, probably not terrible good photographs, some sincerely aweful poetry and half arsed craft attempts.

And pictures of cats.

This is the Wooliff-cat, whose official name is cobweb after one of the attendant fairies in a midsumers nights dream


  1. I don't wanna be rude, but this sounds to me like you're in a depressed rut (actually, it sounds chillingly familiar). Have you considered learning some new skills or getting fit? Either one is likely to make you feel better about yourself than getting pissed and playing video games (trust me).

  2. lol - bored depressed rut. can't forget the bored.

    both exercise and fun things are planned.

    I feel the need to do something creative and undestructive so that i have some physical evidence of achievement.

    There is a t-shirt to paint, a picture book for my niece to create and a design from the front of my brotherinlaws house to do just as soon as I can finish my job.

    I have sad people at work offering me jobs if I want to move town, begging me to stay and lamanting how much they will miss listening to my cheery voice of a morning. aye currumba.

    I had a complete spak at work last week and left for a couple of hours mid-morning and rode home and watered my garden. Now everybody is very careful when they are discussing deadlines.

  3. Though I think I would be very attached to the stoopid computer game regardless - it is the shopping aspect that sucks me in. I find it quite addictive.

  4. so that i have some physical evidence of achievement.

    I have found this to be very, very important. I'm glad you've got some awesome stuff planned.

  5. Woolif looks like Jewel. Good luck with your re-invention.