Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I would like to say the stress and strain of upheavals at work have left me mad, bad and dangerous to know, but mostly I am just a bit sad.

And nervous.  Very nervous.

Someone was demoted and someone promoted and there are only three admin staff in the place, so its all close and personal.  There was weeping.

Resulting in an inability in me to sleep properly, culminated in me accidentially playing a computer game until 4:16 am Sunday morning, but which has had the happy result of causing me to dream about the computer game, rather than lay awake thinking about work.

Lady at the shop I buy my lunch from says her record for computer gaming was a recreational drug assisted three days.

Heck, I've only actually stayed awake all night twice in my forty years and I was trying to nod along knowingly.  I really must do some wicked things at some point.


  1. Aaaargh. Sending good thoughts your way. I used to do all nighters while studying. Not fun. I did go to a Cinderella Ball (started at midnight)and hitch a ride home (in full evening dress) with the garbos which was fun. Find some wickedness which appeals.

  2. Awesome! Home with the garbos - that's like something from a movie!