Monday, September 19, 2011


And as I slump my way through the day I ponder is there an actual god of sloth and should I be setting up a shrine that I don't make offerings too?

Yesterday was good, actually the day before yesterday was good.  I was sort of productive.  I mopped my kitchen floor.  I scoopped poop.  I contemplated all the good things I would do the next day.

And then I, I kind of obsesessed about the prospect of no further Terry Pratchett books, and ... I couldn't bring myself to finish the book I was reading.  I read three quarters of the way through and now I wonder if I should set up a bookcase for books I really like and am saving to finish or when I really need them.

It is silly.
I will probably finish it tomorrow.

The first time I read a Terry Pratchett book was when I as feeling very very bad.  I was in a job I hated for an extended period of time, that I felt I had no way out of.  I was on a trip that was terrible.  I was reading a book that made certain death funny.  I was gobsmacked.  It changed my life.  Or if not, it gave me something to hold onto.  I wasn't going to off myself yet because I hadn't read the next Terry Pratchett book.

It is silly, but I am finding it hard to reorganise my sole reason for existance now that he is no longer writing books.

Not that I haven't been unfaithful since.  There are lots of authors I have been devoted to since.  Lots.  Lots and lots.

I have a warm purring cat waiting for me in my bed.  He likes to sleep in the back of my knees.  I shall cut short this contemplation of existential angst and mention that Marieke Hardy has book out for those of a brave disposition.   Called, I think, "You will miss me when I'm dead" or I could be wrong.  I think it is probabably worth being wrong :)  She is a funny chick.


  1. I didn't know that TP had stopped writing. I knew about his sucky illness, but not that he had stopped. Now you have me all worried and sad and confused. Yes, there are others, but there is only one TP.

  2. I read all the "Thank you" type bits in books and there was a note in the front of "I shall wear midnight" saying it was his last book.

    Plus there was a news program they interviewed him in, not sure which one, might have been 7:30 report? and they were discussing euthenasia (sp? sorry probably spelt wrong) and he is for it, of course, and mentioned some place in america where they give you the pill straight away (and I think you get a new one each year or something - missed it on telly due to being brainless and feckless) and he said they had that they found that people would wait and wait to use them because they felt more secure because they had it on had for when they needed it so that they people felt more secure putting it off. or something like that.

    I mostly only saw bits and pieces from promos etc and from wot other people I know said after they saw it, which as we all know is terribly subjective. :)

  3. Good news. I just went and checked my copy of I shall wear midnight and there was nothing about it being his last book - different version I guess. Then I went to the site and there is a new discworld book (Snuff) due to be released in October. And a list to the program on assisted death which I will listen to in a bit. So, at least one more. Sigh

    My copy is at my sisters so I can't tell you where is was. Maybe the blurb. Maybe at the start. I got the hardcopy cause I can't wait when it comes to Mr Pratchett :)

  5. I reckon this might be what you're talking about. No suggestion of finishing up in it, though.

    I wasn't going to off myself yet because I hadn't read the next Terry Pratchett book.

    It is silly, but I am finding it hard to reorganise my sole reason for existance now that he is no longer writing books.

    Being single, childless and largely aimless myself, I reckon I kind of get this to a degree. But the world is full of interesting stuff to get engrossed in and look forward to. And you've got nieces and nephews to watch grow up, right?

  6. Me neither. And he (and also Hazel Hawke) blow into smithereens the theory that if you keep your mind active you won't get Alzeheimers (spelling?). And I suspect Snuff will feature Death in it, and that makes me a happy chappy too.

  7. Thank you so much Alex - that is the interview :) I had been to slack to go looking for it. You are a treasure :)

    I have slipped away from all the other authors I used to hang out for. Or they've died. Or they've stopped writing. Anne McCaffery doesn't write as much, though her son is lovely, but they don't really do it for me anymore anyway. I out grew David Eddings. Plus he's dead. Raymond Fiest only really had me for the trilogy and Daughter of the Empire and after that he lost me.

    I miss hanging out for the next book. It has always been one of my greatest pleasures. A year or more of anticipation - foreplay - and then the mad heated rush to a conclusion.

    I haven't found a hobby absorbing enough to take its place. Besides, I don't want to. Not really. It's special to me.

    Is not death the bees knees!
    and he likes cats :)

  8. However if Lois McMaster Bujold stops writing I refuse to except responsibility for any following actions. I could end up with "Forward Momentum" and "I heart Ivan Vorpatril" tattooed to my arse.

    Along with the lyrics of Captain Crackers and a few other songs.

    Probably my butt is big enough to fit them all on.

  9. Besides, I don't want to. Not really.

    Kinda defeating yourself then, arentcha?

    Ah, give it time. Something'll come along.

    TEC, you can't stop lung cancer by not smoking either. It's all about stacking the odds in your favour.