Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The World of Henry Orient

by Nora Johnson

I am only a page in and it had me at the first paragraph.  My uncle Sidney sent it.  (well actually to my nieces, but he said I should check it out first to see if they would like it - so fuckit - its mine now). 

The first paragraph:

"It was very cold that morning in October.  The sun had risen, but was only a faint orange blur through the gray fog, and the water of the East River was full of chilly silver glints.  I had come early, to avoid the school bus.  I indulged myself in this way once a week, to give myself a few moments longer in the comforting society of strangers, and to be able to stand and stare at the insane asylums on Welfare Island before going into the dreaded school building."

Is that awesome, or what :D

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  1. I don't need any more books. Really I don't. How could you do this to me? I want it. Let us know if it lives up to its early promise (hoping sort of that it doesn't) so I know whether it is another book I have to have.