Tuesday, September 6, 2011

blah blah blah

So ...
I have spent the last two working days at home. 
I am working on wombat's behavioural issues with her mother.
ie. I am trying to stop her beating up on her.

I am enjoying their purring and the need they feel to be touching me if we are lying down to read or sleep.  In these cooler months it is a full body snuggle up in the back of my knees.  In summer it is just the bearest touch of a paw, in glancing, on ones leg or arm.  It is cooler still and realised in a forceful curling up on foot on bed with knees up to rest my book on.

I cannot deny the competition for attention is flattering.

The battle to be toilet cat is so far dominated by Sookey.  I have had to keep the toilet lid down to stop stoopid cats falling in and as a result my morning and day and nightly visits are much sort after as a blackmail point of weakness.  I must pat them sufficiently to get them down.  Sookey is queen of the toilet, closely followed by Blossom as cat most likely to be petted whilst I am , um, otherwise engaged
in important business.

Wooliff is lap cat when I am watching television of an afternoon.

Blossom is any time cat.

Mary is owner of the television and visits me of a morning for a head scratch.

Bubba, my sweet and possesser of my heart refuses to come inside at present and is content to bar passage in the driveway whene'er I come home from trips away.


  1. Laughed at the toilet visits. Jewel loves to visit me there and, if not discouraged, to climb into my knickers and gaze adoringly. Purring megaheaps.

  2. ha!
    my laugh out loud moment for the day :)
    Thank you