Tuesday, October 4, 2011

hands over ears la la la la la

I am sooo bad.  Have spent last few days mostly in bed reading. 

Bought the second Autobiography by Russell Brand, which was as funny as the first one.  And shocking.  And had those few times that I have to slam the book down and close my eyes and scream no no no don't do that, before he recounted the embarassing thing and the belly laugh out loud moment, which in the first one was the stripper he'd spat on in retalation for the slap she gave him and then had to beg the use of her phone cause he'd shut himself out of the appartment, possibly naked - can't quite remember now.  In this one it involved a dog.  Laughed so hard I started coughing and had to go have a glass of water.

Re-read some Lois McMaster Bujold books. 
Re-read some Tamora Pierce books.

My sloth reaching new heights or depths considering how you look at it.

Should be gardening and tending to my tomatos which appear to be dying. damnit.

Gosh darn well cleaning all the kitty litter trays out thoroughly tonight for my poor neglected kitties.  I am neglecting them too, though they appear to be loving the whole day snuggling on the bed opportunity.

My delightfuly 90 year old neighbour watched the show about alien abduction.  He's had instances where he has woken from sleep unable to move and I had previously mentioned to him about the sleep paryalsis (sp?) but he never really pays attention to what I say and was delighted to tell me all about it after watching the sceptic lady on the show explaining about it. lol


  1. Are your cats also bed hogs? I cannot understand how one cat can require a whole bed - and when you get into the multiples, there is just no room for me.

  2. I only have a single bed, so the room available for beg hoggery is narrow. If there is only blossom on the bed he tends to get the middle and I have to work around him. If all five are on the bed then we have to work out a half and half ( or two thirds and one third) arrangement.

    It's doable, but ... they like the middle. It must be some kind of nesting instinct.

    I left this huge long comment on "The Elephant Childs" blog post and it wouldn't save :(

  3. If it's anything like some of my huge long comments, MCL, in a few days it'll post itself two or three times over. Blogger can be a pain like that.

  4. aye currumba

    I've tried two or three times and the replicas are never as good

    so that must mean the original individuals in bladerunner were really really hot! phoarrrr

  5. Imagine what it would've been like if Robert Mitchum had actually been cast, eh?

    Sigh, I miss Rutger Hauer.

  6. -sigh-
    soooo beautiful in Lady Hawk