Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wombat-cat :  she does rather look like she is saying "how dare you address me you peasant"

Sookie :  Wombats mother




  1. Love them. If Jazz adopted an expression like wombat cat, I would be bleeding shortly thereafter.

  2. What she does is, I reach over and attempt to pat her and she scoots away in a rush and then as soon as out of reach, stops to wash the part of her that I touched.

    However, she is an inside cat and accidentally fell out the window when I was reading and didn't notice and didn't get back in for a few hours and since then she has been much nicer to me and even lets me pat her without washing afterwards.

  3. You live in northern Queensland and don't have fly-screens?

  4. nor do i have an airconditioner

    but the rent is cheap

    actually I have some makedo flyscreens. Istapled flyscreen to bamboo stakes, but they don't stand up to the weight of a spread-eagled cat chasing geckos