Tuesday, October 18, 2011


wild intense dreams of heists and doublecrosses and disappearing mentors that looked somewhat like Marlon Brando - kind of around his father of superman days - culminating in a plane ride back to an overcast about to be cyclone struckTownsville only to have to dodge a tornado which unexpectedly develops in our flight path and takes out most of the Willows Shopping Centre

what has the Willows Shopping Centre ever done to me to deserve this?

I quite like the willows shopping centre


  1. What had you been eating/drinking? Sounds like a really fraught sort of night.

  2. What had you been eating/drinking?

    Or watching on the telly, maybe?

  3. I'd been reading Marieke Hardy's book "You will miss me when I'm dead" (and which was delightful - had a few good laughs whilst reading).