Monday, October 17, 2011


I think this is a glorious post, but can't tell you the reasons why I think it so.
Sometimes I wish I were more analytical, but...
... but then I think maybe I wouldn't like quite as much stuff as I do.

Like people who are fussy about sound and can't listen to crap recordings of awesome songs or slightly out of tune radio stations playing their favourite song.

Am debating on whether I will post to Meme Kettle or not.  I wish she would post more.  But since I am slacking in my on posting I am not in a position to demand.  But perhaps I am in a position to ask?  And I wish the ever so delightful Catastophhe Waitress (*hic* sorry am pissed can't spell) would also post.

But then by extention (or is it sion?) I should also post to all my favourite bloggers who have stopped blogging asking them to post and I've not the energy.  Perhaps I should post one non-blogging blogger a week?  Break it down into manageable proprotions?  As a gesture of good faith to my bid for blogging my own self out of the well of boringness that I drown under.  But would I then be one of those embarrassing people who get up before anybody else at awkward parties trying to encourage everybody else to dance?  I am sooooo not that person.  I don't even go to parties for lands sake.

Should I suggestion some consistantly logical random way of nominating a topic?  Like writing something incorporating the word of the day from the online dictionary?  Or stabbing a finger in a newspaper, rather like randomly opening the bible and reading each day as was somewhere suggested to me in my youth growing up within the catholic fold.  Where did I get that idea from anyway?  Darned if I know.

I stole a bible once, did you know?
I think it was when we were choosing our confirmation name.
I really really wanted to choose Ruth because I was told it was one of the names in running for my birth name, but in the end too many people went ewwwww and I choose Cecillia instead because her picture in the saint book had nice hair and she was playing a piano and there were animals about.  She was also wearing quite a pretty frock.
Sister Wombat, whose actual name I cannot remember, we all called her Sister Wombat when she wasn't around, encouraged me to take a bible home to read to help me choose a confirmation name.  She didn't seem to like Ruth much either, thought she was nicer about it than others and told me it meant mercy, which I was rather taken with.  

Perhaps we could brain storm a list of topics and then randomly draw them out from a hat?  What if we all drew out the same topic?  That would be awesome enough for its own post.  Perhaps we could just pick one topic and then post about that adnauseum?  That would hum harmoniously with the inner me that loves shaggy dog jokes and tease my competitve edge all at the same time.  Who can write the best post on one subject!  ooo ooo ooo Isowannadothatnow

but ... I probably won't.

I shall probably have another glass of wine and continue reading Marieke Hardy's book which I am enjoying tremandously (tramendously?) (fuck it lots).  As soon as I've finished I am sending it to my Uncle Sidney to read :)


  1. All good ideas. I especially like the one about picking random news stories. An inexhaustible supply of stuff to whinge about (who doesn't love a good whinge?).

    Despite half my family being Catholic I have no idea what confirmation names and confirmation and so forth are all about. We were raised to be deeply suspicious of organized religion.

    You ever thought of getting something with a spell check? I noticed it seems to be bothering you.

  2. My memories of such things are hazy, but I believe the confirmation business was when one agrees to all the things your parents originally agreed to on your behalf at your baptism.

    The girls get to wear white dresses and veils like as if they are getting married. Lots of little ten year old brides. Bit icky really when you think about it like that.

    Ah ... spell check ... gotta be a way of getting that working on here. Not deeply bothered. Mostly acknowledging that I am aware it is spelt incorrectly (in case readers are concerned I am a halfwit) but too lazy to look it up.

    I used to make the effort. Dictionary dot com was my friend.