Thursday, March 29, 2012


oh god oh god oh god
it was like a mini orgasim in an envelope!!!!!

my delightful and talented and wonderful friend sticky-nikkkkkiiiiii (and I am not just saying that because she gave me his WONDERFUL thing for FREEEEEEE) sent me a print of the picture that I soooo lusted for!!!! (probably this is an unstable amount of exclaimation marks and the internet might explode or something?)

I can't wait until the eldest gets to see it :)  I am sure she will try and steal it.
she should be so lucky

I did, in fact see the eldest today with my obscenely delightful two and a bit year old niece.  I love her sentences.  Collecting herbs in the yard and telling me she had money.  Her cousin Dukey trying to pretend she was saying 'mummy' so that he could get her to go back inside and he could go back to his computer game and her saying "no dukey, I don't want to go back to mummy, I want to see the chickens!" (and heck, the chickens are great) .  She is a two year old with definate ideas and I have been enjoying the reading-out-loud a little too much.  In fact, I have been reading out loud to myself in the evenings sometimes.

OH OH OHO OHO and I saw a set of Wodehouse Collection with Pauline Collins like wot (actually not like - actually actually) that I used to watch when I was little .... but I can't remember what shop it was??!?

So this weekend I shall have to try and replicate everything I did two weeks ago (cause I think I forgot I saw it last weekend, but perhaps it was last weekend and I just don't remember that it was last weekend instead of the last last weekend??)

(oh and dan kelly updated his blog, BUT NOT ENOUGH!!!! so I ain't going to link *pouts*)


  1. I was about to ask you if you'd gotten it yet! Merry Christmas? Happy Easter? When is your birthday? It was actually meant to be for your birthday but I am a slacker.
    Glad you like it :)

  2. Birthday is in December a couple of weeks before Christmas - lol

    I love it
    My sister loves it

    I am going to go shopping for a frame this weekend, except I sort of don't want to frame it because I love the edges of the paper so much

  3. Yes! Birthday. It was a milestone birthday right? 35 or 40? That's what it was originally for.

    Sometimes when they frame prints and want to show the edges, they use those frames which are thicker, and do it without a mat. And they use something, maybe acid free glue? or double sided tape? or something to stick it to the backing board and .. it's hard to describe, just google image search 'box frame.' I think you can find them at cheapo discount stores as well.