Sunday, January 21, 2018

She is my shame and my joy ...

...and for reasons unknowable, psychokitty incest cat, aka Wombat, has decidedly she loves me.

Don't get me wrong.
We used to be very close when she was young.
She didn't seem at all mentally unstable initially.

But then ...

... my landloord wanted to do some work on the house.
Painting and sanding and fiddling about with windows and doors.

Wombat was an inside cat so I decided to remove my cats to my sisters house.
Three large cages all wired together and I  stopped by twice a day to give them outside time.
(And when I say twice a day, I mean before and after work for excessive periods of time cause I didn't want to run into the landlord. I basically only went home to sleep)

The landlord took two or more months.

I had not expected it to take so long.

Wombat has been violent and bad tempered ever since, except ...

... brief periods when she suddenly decides she loves me and can't bare to be parted from me for a period of about three days tops.

So far, she has bathed me from forehead to cleavage.

I feel raw.

Do I have any skin left?

At least it has stopped the chatting.

She will by like an excessively demonstrative loving psycho stalker tick for the near future.

Oh god.
She is starting on cleaning my belly!
Ow ow ow ow ouch
If I  promise to have a shower
 will you stop cleaning my head?

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  1. She sounds rather like Jazz. Who LOVES me. Except when he emphatically doesn't.