Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 ...

... fuck off and die.
I'm glad to see the back of ya.

Really that goes for the last couple actually.

I am going to have an awesome 2018.
I've made a vow.

Hell ... I might even go to a dentist this year!

That is how strong a vow I made.

It INCLUDES dentistry, ay?

I'm like wonder woman this year.

I can even buy my own tin foil and not get yelled at by my mother for making bullet proof braclets/cluffs and headbands.


  1. 2017 has indeed fucked off and died. See how powerful you are?
    Here's to a much, much better year. For us all. And the world.

  2. You gonna do the tinfoil bra thingy too?

    1. Humms thoughtfully to herself ... metal, good heat transference, gets hot in Townsville ... this could have possibilities.