Friday, November 4, 2011

do you know ... i thought i had been angry at work before, but i realise now, that it was bollocks, and i knew not what office rage was

i have been so angry this week, that actually i couldn't work

I couldn't even think straight
I pick up a file and then i couldn't find it again.

it is completely and utterly silly

so I have not sent off a dramatic and self indulgent email, such as i would like too

I have not sworn and cursed at anybody in the same room
I am not present for the next week for a good and forewarned reason
and I am just not coming back

though actually I am still inclined to send an email

i struggle
any protest on my account is going to be brushed off as the ravings of an emotionaly unstable person who drinks too much coffee.  I would like to think that they ie. other management/important type people that i have encounted - would take a grain of salt with that but there is no way I can be sure of that.

what i really want to know is ... how does one go about applying for work when one doesn't feel comfortable giving a contact number/referee for ones last place of employment?

I do not put it past them to give me a not very good reference.  They have sold themselves on the idea that they tell the hard truths. 

Though the hard truth is that they are weak, petty and vindictive against anybody who disagrees with them.  Maybe it screws with their ideas of self worth or something?  I don't know.  I do not read minds.  Though  I do have a tricky and strong gift for static electricity and that is startlingly painful when the contact point is mid-point of a thumb-nail.

She was trying to make a big deal of the other guy taking a day of, and implying he was lazy and takes days off to be inconvenient.  Not sure how my report of doctors appointment for seizing child will figure in her 'issues' with people who have children and how it interferes with their work.  Fuck but she is a bitch.   I don't even like using the work bitch.  Fuck, lets call it like it is and call her a bleached cunt, hey?

However, other than that my delightful eldest niece has introduced me to Trock.  Timelord Rock.  A couple of the songs have been rather awesome.  I know not if I can ever be satisfied with anything else.  Do you suppose if I wrote to Glenn Richards and Dan Kelly they would have a go at writing a timelord rock song?

THIS isn't the song i meant but is also good


  1. Fuck, lets call it like it is and call her a bleached cunt, hey?


    I do have a tricky and strong gift for static electricity

    Put that on your application. The rest won't matter.

    Not a bad song too, by the way.

  2. Isn't there anyone there that could be trusted to give you a good reference? You usually specify a person for references. The other thing you could do is get a written reference and if it OK then you use it and if not then you have the issue of worrying about no reference from last job.

  3. Yup. I like the idea of reference first - leave afterwards. And, if necessary, say in your next job application that you had difficulties with the last firm, but x,y,z from previous positions will be happy to act as referees. And have a good weekend.

  4. all the jobs i apply for nowadays they want telephone numbers of past supervisors etc - no one wants written references anymore - lol

    think i have something sorted though - so I think i will have at least one referee