Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I confess ... it wasn't the cheese

work is making me cross again and i am waking at 1 am and such and brooding and not going back to sleep until 4 or 5 or not at all

but didn't you quit? you might ask
yes.  yes i did.  but then i came back as a casual, cause there just isn't anybody else to do my job until the new managers start which is still over a month away.
that is hardly your fault, you might say
well no.  but its not nice to start a job with a big mess that you don't know how to do let along fix.  it seems mean.
i am assuming you quit for a reason though, right?  didn't you feel they were mean to you?
well yes.  they keep setting this stupid impossible deadlines and ignoring or not believing me when i tell them stuff ... like the other day!  we told them we don't get the things weekly that we are supposed to get weekly and that woman said, well they said they do.
so she was calling you a liar?
but she didn't say the word liar, you see.  obviously if called on this point pitying looks and questions regarding how much coffee i'd had to drink so far that day would be made.
that sounds like a subtle form of bully to me
yes but she doesn't mean it like that.  she is just thoughtless and tactless with weak people skills.  lacking in emotional intelligence if one wants to use buzz words
how do you know whats in her head?
i am usually pretty good with people and think she is basically a nice person.  she is just sure she is right ... and obviously must think i have trouble tying my own shoe laces and going to the toilet or something even though they insist i am great and they would like me to stay

i don't want to brood, but i do rather want to tell them to stuff it up their jumpers and I can't stop my brain rehearsing things i might potentially say

Melbourne Cup day and there is a horse called "The Verminator" which is awesome, hey?  not rated though.  poor the verminator


  1. Tell them that you left in the 1st place because of stress and going back to pretty much full-time is just flaring it all up again. Say you need to drop back to 2 days a week again or you will have to leave altogether. Or just leave altogether. Or go into work all bandaged up and say the work is causing an old war wound to flare up and you'll have to ease back on the hours. Or blacken under your eyes and pale your skin, go in looking like death warmed up and see what happens.
    Drat, I was supposed to be writing a letter to my mother-in-law and I've used my time on the web again. Beans is here demanding I read the book I promised if she left me alone for awhile.

  2. Aaaargh. You have too much work ethic. Way too much. What would your cats do if they thought someone was being unreasonable/mean/demanding? Do the cats care if people are well meaning if they don't get their ten square meals a day? They do not. Think like a cat. Nap a lot. Complain when things are not to your majesties liking. You know what I mean. Probably better than I do.

  3. obviously if called on this point pitying looks and questions regarding how much coffee i'd had to drink so far that day would be made.

    My gut feeling is that a direct and persistent approach is the only way to sort out something like this. I'd suggest you keep it cold and impersonal, don't get defensive and don't go fishing for the word liar; 'cause some people will chew their own arms off before using it.

    i would probably start with something along the lines of:

    "Okay, look, unless we fuckin' sort this out, we're goin' to keep fuckin' havin' the same fuckin' problem over and over and that's fuckin' stupid if we can sort it out, right? If them fuckin' cunts say we're gettin' things weekly and I fuckin' say we're not, then only fuckin' one of us can fuckin' be right, right? One of us fuckin' has to be talkin' out their arse, right? So which is it?"

    Unfortunately this is the only way I can talk without stammering and stuttering. You might want to rework it a little if you decide to use this approach.

  4. magically ceased to be angry by about 11ish - possibly just because I am tired - lol

    Told man in charge timeframe not possible - have three weeks now - hahahahahahahaha

    i have a sneaking suspicion that this deadline is in response to an emailed deadline to do with a different contract - lol - as far as i can tell nothing bad happens if i don't meet the deadline - i tried to find out what actually was discussed or agreed on at this meeting and who set the timeframe, but he was too tricky for me

    Missed the Melbourne Cup for the first time since I was nine

    tempted by the black eye makeup

    maybe i should bring a cat into work!!!!!

  5. Guess what - I dreamt about you last night. You were at my place and I was trying to cook you mi goreng for lunch on a frying pan, which is not how you cook it, so I kept burning it and it kept disappearing leaving only the seasonings and I was so frustrated that I wanted to cry and also to run to the store to get some more to cook it properly (by boiling).

    I had to make lunch for us because we were tired from gardening. We were planting asparagus

  6. funnily enough, I bought asparagus yesterday
    which I never do

    DUDE!!! You must have psychic abilities and projected asparagus at me - um ... though that would have been before you even dreamed it - which means you are awesomely talented.

    I watched a somewhat disturbing program one day and these scientists studying reactions discovered we move before we have even decided to - see and react to things before we even process that we have seen something and that we all function consciously a few milliseconds (or something) after we have already committed to doing something - that probably doesn't make any sense - i saw it awhile ago - and then they started talking about the weird little buggy things that live in our brains wot we catch from cats that when rats catch it make them not afraid of cats so that they cease to be wary of cats so that they are easier for the cats to catch cause the little buggy thing can only breed in a cats intestine.

    apparently it makes me more reckless drivers and women more loving - conclusion based on empirically evidence and perhaps women who love cats are just more loving naturally

  7. apparently it makes "men" not "me" more reckless

    i am hardly ever reckless

  8. I think you're probably talking about this.

  9. Is the first part of the paragraph different from the second? I've heard of the second part before and it's strange.

    I'd say that your last statement was correct but incomplete - women who love cats are more loving naturally to other creatures which hate them, while women who love dogs are more loving to creatures who love them in return? ;)

    It was probably your buying asparagus as brought on my dream, not the other way around. But more likely it's this horrible game on my mobile phone that I have a mild addiction to - I have to plant asparagus to feed my zoo animals. Don't ask.

    What are you going to cook with it?

    Also with the milliseconds thing, I read somewhere a long time ago of an experiment wherein people were shown a succession of images while their brain/hormone (not sure) activity was measured, and interspersed at random among the lovely images of kittens and pokemon were frightening/surprising/gruesome images. It turns out their fear/surprise brain activity shot up milliseconds *before* the scary images were shown. Tis awesome.