Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday morning

so i am playing mommy for my nieces and nephew this week
saw sister off to the plane this morning

eldest niece (who has been sick for past three months or so with mystery illness) has more tests to go through, one of which requires a 24 hour urine collection wednesday and thursday

i get to pour pee from an icecream container via funnel into another container that needs to be kept in the fridge

very happy that sister has a beer fridge
cause that's where the pee is going to get stored

poor cookie has to stop taking all her medications for the three days prior to the urine test, so she is not going to be a happy camper this week and i have my fingers crossed its not just going to degenerate into loud sobbing and screams from the sofa for the whole time

she will still be allowed to have some neurofin, but we have to write down date, time and how much

but she starts vomiting and stuff as well as being in severe pain, so that may get tricky

i put forth that when i was in the emergency room at the hospital for my gallbladder attack and they didn't want to give me any more morphine and i wasn't keeping down the panadine forte (or whatever it was) that they shoved it up my bum instead

funny, but she didn't seem keen on this - lol


  1. Can't understand why she didn't leap at the idea. (for your throat perhaps) Hope both of you have a good(ish) day.

    WV: coment

  2. Poor dear, that sounds awful; and mystery illnesses are the worst.

    I hope the tests reveal something.

  3. yes but the things that are might show up on this test are a bit scary, so i am hoping they are as uninformative as all the other tests

  4. Um, but ... ah, screw it; I'm not even going to attempt to argue with your logic on this.