Thursday, November 17, 2011

I recently participated in a telephone survey focused on local government and issues and realise far far too late that I should have answered the question about flood proofing the Bruce Highway as "Very very Highly Important and of great concern" because last year my mother was trapped here for an extra two weeks because of the flooding and a very uncomfortable and fraute (sp? oh whatever) two weeks culminating in the "how best to cook rice" episode which my eldest sister is humourous contemplating revisiting by gifting my sister with a microwave rice cooker - lol - how the chuckles will freeze into little ice cubes wot will shatter into razor sharp splitters on the laser like glare emitted from what is called "my mother's eyes" but which are in reality laser cannons of death by ice splitters!

I have, of course, encouraged her shamelessly.
I wonder what the chinese hell for female transgressers against their mothers is like?
I wonder if it has spiders.
Or maggots.
Or thread worms and such.


  1. I sadly fear that the hell you speak of has a spot reserved for me.

  2. I shall be in the best company then :)