Thursday, November 17, 2011


Well ...  it is Thursday.

I decided enough was enough the week before last.
I succombed (if this isn't how it is spelt, then it is how it should be spelt) to my sense of duty Sunday night, upon receipt of a phone call.
I stuck to my guns Tuesday.
I spent a half-day playing stupid match 3 computer game most of Wednesday.
I agreed to play with my not quite 2 years old niece evenings Wednesday and Thursday whilst her daddy was away.
I had an interview that was sadly not to fruit cash due to my arthritis this morning.
I have a potential possibility of a temp job till 13th December.
My mother is arriving 10th.
My old places christmas party, which I would quite like to go to, is 11th Dec.
My fortieth birthday is the same day.
I still can't believe I am turning forty.
It seems like a big birthday.
It feels like I should own my own sound system and car by now.
Instead I have six cats that I am lying to my mother about and have only just found some cheap kitty litter trays with lips.
By lips I mean an attachable rim that faces inward.
That could potentially stop kitty litter being sprayed across the room when the kitties dig, if they didn't just use it to defecate on instead.
I've been nice to them!
I've bought them the low fat Tuna.
Low fat tuna for HUMANS EVEN.
gosh darn it

Have I mentioned that my favourite new book series is ...
possibly a new low in my love of childrens books, but they are charming as heck.
I do love when people are being their best.
I don't understand reality tv at all.
I have just finished book two and have my fingers crossed that the temp job works out so that I can buy three and four and still buy Christmas presents for the children.

Not that they deserve it after the display of sloth and slackness exhibited during my week of playing mommy.  (I wasn't necessarily a particularly good mommy)


  1. I think you might want to check that link. Glad to hear you've found a new love, though.

    And I wouldn't worry about the car and stereo thing. I don't own a stereo either and I maintain that if you don't have a family to cart around, a bike is as good as anything.

    Sucks about the dates. Strange how they always seem to gang up on you like that, isn't it?

    Also, it's funny, but your spelling of succumb doesn't stick out at me even a fraction as much as your American spelling of the word mummy does.

  2. Fixed - :D - you are a woman in a million Alex and I thank you :)

    (I find the american version of mum so much more insulting and thus use it liberally - I shall go to hell and mutant spider/maggot/threadworms will eat my toes, no doubt)

  3. I saw a quote that should cover it: 'I try to take each day one at a time, but sometimes several of them attack me at once'

    Re kitty litter trays with a lip. Good luck. Ours has a LID and Jazz still managed to spread it from Christmas to breakfast.

  4. You are an artist of the written word Sam.
    I mean that absolutely sincerely.
    Happy Birthday.
    It's not all bad -- or at least I try to tell myself as that half-century looms around a few dark corners.

  5. oh god!
    mother mentioned having the hotel room booked till 2nd February and I am hoping she really actually meant to say January. Various children of the family especially booked holidays in January to have some together time with their partners - lol

    Indeed the kitty litter has been strewn a metre and a half, but the radius is less - so still a partial win, i think

    I cannot even guess how I shall react to a half century - it may depend on if my hair has gone grey yet - i have been waiting for what seems like ages now - i wanted to be grey in my twenties. I'd like to be one of those spindley be-bunned white haired ladies with a slight hump and a walking stick and pearls with a gift for stillness and grace, but I appear to be evolving into a clumsy sweaty plump mostly jolly dark haired lady wot people feel comfortable asking directions from.

    I've always been shit at giving directions.