Thursday, November 24, 2011


Tonight "the crow" is on telly.
I believe this was the first time I saw Brandon Lee.

I saw it and instantly wanted him ever so much.
I don't know why.
I even liked him in that other silly movie with dolf whatever his name is starting with L.  Lindgren? something like that.  He was in a rocky movie.
It was very silly.
I wanted to marry him.
I think I was twenty ish?
I had never experienced any kind of long term urge for possession before this.
I was so angry when he died.
I think I even threw a book across the room or some other such tanty kind of exhibition of myself.
Thankfully nobody was around to see.

He looks like such a jock too.  I never like jock-ish dudes.  I like slightly pudgy guys with glasses or boys wot look like musketeers.  Brandon Lee looks like he played football, for heavens sake!

(still kind of want him though)


  1. If you're still in the mood for silly Brandon movies after you finish watching the crow, Laser Mission is in the public domain and can be watched or downloaded from that link.

    The movie you were referring to is "Showdown In Little Tokyo", it came out in 1991 and the other actor is Dolph Lundgren whom I still harbour similar feelings towards. I have it right on my shelf here.

  2. Lol - for some reason the scene in or after the hot tub when Brandon's character tells Dolph's character that he has the biggest dick he's ever scene made me laugh uproarousily.

  3. Yes, 80s action films are my idea of good comedy, too. Every time I hear that line, I wonder about the writer who thought it up and what it must have been like doing readings and rehearsals.

    Also, from memory, in the fight scene in the club at the beginning, I think there's one quick shot where Brandon isn't wearing pants for some reason. Thought you might like to know that.