Wednesday, November 2, 2011

so ...

so ...  i didn't want to work the weekend but circumstances and the bullyface lady from down south with her sudden unconsulted two week deadline conspired against me

and yet

i was called into the office today by the queensland manager - who is here three days this week - to be lectured, LECTURED!!!!, that they really don't want people working overtime on the weekend -
only if its really necessary - and this is the bit that cooked my goose -  particularly not if you are babysitting all week and than working overtime on the weekend ... that's just not on

is what i thought
what i am doing is tomorrow i am tidying my desk, collecting my stuff and going home ... never to darken the doorstep of their donger again

and good luck with that two week deadline

(though actually i found out today by asking the stakeholder that our lot were the ones to set the deadline in the first place)

if only the were a more painful oriface than the arse to tell them to shoooooove something sharp and jaggered up

never more have i wished i had the power to inflict boils upon others
may they get a nasty rash in the crack of their bums


  1. I'm happy for you that you've decided not to grin and bare it anymore.

    Also, the urethra. Trust me.

  2. Never quite understood the logic of calling someone for overtime then yell at them for coming in to do overitme.

  3. Automatically opening umbrellas up intimate aperatures would do the trick. So long as I could hit the open sesame button.
    Sounds like the sort of person I wish painful hemmorohoids on. Glad that you are opting out again.