Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bloody hell

I swear to god! The baby frogs at my house are suicidal!

I am cleaning kitty kitter trays outside. I have just poured some bleach into the dirty tray. I go to the hose to swill it out. Small frog hangin' on hose. Try to offload on nearist bush, but no ... frog makes beeline to manky litter tray, plus bleach!!!!!

Takes some VERY fast moving to snatch tray away from determined frogs leap.

WHAT IS IT THINKING? Was it depressed because there were no curlews evident to peck it to death and it decided to embrace its end through acid?

Freakin' do not get green tree frogs.
I used to think they were so nice, but if they are not trying to wallow in my excrement, or taunting death by cat, they are being insanely reckless by natural causes.

Freak. Me. Out. The. Fuck.

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