Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Things I am grateful for ...

... that cats are so snuggly, cause my feet were getting cold without that extra sheet. I think it must have dropped below 24 degrees cause its feeling a little nippy.


  1. Dropped below 24? We haven't reached 20 for months. For which I am grateful.

  2. MCL, I've always kind of imagined you sleeping under a blanket of fur that twitches eerily and occasionally opens and closes one of many sets of eye.

    EC, I don't know how you Southerners put up with it. I've completely lost all tolerance for the cold in the last few years. Bring on the 40° heat of summer.

    1. Not unlike reality in the winter. Lots of little furry twitchy blankets with eyes.

      I dont miss the 5am walks to the train station in a windy 6 degrees of darkness. Brrrrr. Give me a nice 27 to 33 degrees any day.

  3. You are both stronger than I am. My sweet spot is around 14, and I can tolerate it up to the early twenties. 30 and above is a foretaste of hell.