Sunday, August 14, 2016


Springbok is never ever ever ever being allowed outside ever again. Dissappeared and did not come when called, from 3 ish until just now at nearly 10 pm.

Think maybe he got lost in the stormwater drains.

I was wandering about outside making loud chicken noises (herrrreeee bokkie bokkie bok, bok bok bokkie). My neighbours probably think I 'm mad.

Not helpful when I am supposed to be getting ready for my next rental inspection.

I was singing the stoopid cat song.

'Stoopid cat, stoopid cat. Where fore art thou, stoopid cat? Stoopid cat, stoopid cat. You are such a stoopid cat', to the tune of smelly cat from Friends,


  1. Sigh. Been there, sung that. And the t-shirt doesn't fit.

    1. I soo totally am going to get it put on a tshirt! Great idea 😁