Thursday, August 4, 2016

Evening musing

I liked listening to music on my headphones when doing data entry, cause it helped me focus down into just the space I was occupying and the computer in front of me. I got lots done.

The sensation of when I'm home sitting in front of the telly with the tablet is quite similar. The windows are covered. I can't see the outside world. Just the hum of the fluros and fans. Nothing else, not even time, seems to really exist. I don't get anything done.

I wonder if I didn't have forced timeframes/deadlines/i have to go to work, whether I'd reach a point where I didn't move at all.

Would it be catatonia or would it be nirvana?

Maybe I should just start playing music really loudly at home and do some housework, hey?

1 comment:

  1. I lean towards nirvana. Other peoples opinions might differ. And the cats would never let me get away with it for long...