Thursday, September 10, 2009

English is a funny language

lady in office asks me how to spell words

i told her i was going to start blogging a list of the words she asks me after she asked me how to spell relationship

but anyway ... she asked how to spell therapist
so i told her
she said it looked wrong and double checked in in the dictionary
and then observed that O-M-G therapist is 'the rapist'

aye currumba - i may never be able to have that much needed therapy now


  1. Funny you should mention spelling - the inside cover of the "BMX Bandits" DVD I bought yesterday says Chapter 1 - "Bank Robery"

    Annoyed me all day

  2. That woman must be anyoing, you are a pacient person with her, Great discovery the one you made, lets do a list, I discovered quite q few myself, which I do not remember now, well just one rule that adjectvies are equal than advers and mean the same adverbs just need to be added a ly at the end like in beautiful -beautifuly, great and greatly and many others, of course there are exceptions that do not work with it.
    Hope you liked this too.

  3. its always interesting the words people can never remember - its always something simple

    there was a period in high school when i had a mental block about the word 'since' - could not for the life of me remember how to spell it for years

    i shall keep an eagle eye out for more funny words :)

    So Miles - are you going to do anything about it? are you going to reprint the inside cover so its right? just how annoyed are you?

  4. i was fine until i read that comment that Miles made. i will sign your petition, Miles.

    let's just blame Nicole.
    i bet that was her fault.