Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ephemera Part Two

Since i am allergic to direct sunlight and physical activity, I only managed half of the sculpture walk yesterday, so this morning i decided to wander back out there and have a look at the rest. Not that there is a lot this year. I read the pamphlet and it says they were limiting the number.

Okay. I know I took photos of this one yesterday, but I just couldn't resist. I think I took another five photos today - lol. I think I just like frames, eh?

I took more photos of the stick and leaves 'Castletown' as well, but since they are mostly of kids building stuff, I figure I probably shouldn't put them up on the blog. It was cute as all heck. I had intentions of being there at 10 am when the workshop started, but just didn't get moving very quickly this morning and then also decided to have breakfast out again, which I shouldn't do, but did anyway. If I were not so crippled with shyness I would have had a go myself, but I am a chicken weiner nancy girl and will instead probably just have a go at building my own town in my back yard.

These woven boats were AWESOME, but none of the photos were any good and I therefore succombed to the urge to fiddle with them. Sorry.

There are jellyfish every time. No one seems to be able to resist the urge to make jellyfish out of plastic. This year is no different, but they are still fab-u-lous darlink. Rainbow Jellyfish, though you can't tell from my photo. The green and blue ones didn't turn out so good by camera because the sun was in an unhelpful position.
It was a gorgeous tree too.
There were a few others I didn't take photos of, or photos of which were not very interesting. I am sure there will be some beautiful ones entered into the competition though. They are asking people to submit entries, so there were lots of people with cameras out and about. Much better cameras than my $30 cheapshit thing from Cash Converters :)

Edit 5:15 pm: okay, now i am just messing about - looks like a little island village about to be flooded with lava, eh?

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