Thursday, September 24, 2009

I'm Back :)

oh dear - the contract extension is not looking promising

course left me nearly convinced i was mad, but concluded overnight that i never actually think i am actually going to die or have a heart attack when i am stressing out about something and therefore i am just a hyperchondriac chicken weiner nancy girl

sisters gift of wine and my inability to stifle my curiousity as to what each and every bottle tastes like in combination with the Adelaide incident (that i don't remember) pushed me over into 'issues with alcohol' score on the little quizz in the book, but apparently am well within my rights to blame genetics and my parents, so that's alright

(1997 Chablis so far this week *beautiful*)

all through the course the instructor would take us through a phrase, where the first letter of the first word made up another word, which is supposed to be a dandy way to help remind one of the steps one needs to take blah blah blah blah - right at the end she asked if anybody remembered the village people and without thinking (d'oh) i piped up with 'of course, when I was a little girl i was going to marry the construction worker'* - i have no brain - or at least it is slow - i was therefore pulled out of the class to stand up with the instructor to lead the class in forming the letters of the word of the phrase a la YMCA

one day i hope to gain full control of my mouth

* i have mentioned before that i've lead a very sheltered life, haven't i?

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