Tuesday, September 21, 2010

and then there were six

Michael Fuzzball
Missing since Sunday


  1. Maybe he's hooked up with one of his lady-friends?

    He'll probably grow tired of her soon and make his way back home.

  2. Sadly dear Michael had the snip when he was a mere whippershapper (and there was also that dog that ripped off his bottom and one of his tecticles) - he is ill-equiped for dalliance.

    I wish I had found a body. All ones inner paranoid comes to the fore and one imagines bad people trapping and torturing his poor little fat self. I am trying not to think about it.

  3. NO, surely not?
    Maybe he's been grandma-napped.
    Those grandmas can't resist a fat cat.
    Sorry Maddie, i hope he turns up soon.

  4. Vote 2 for the Grandma napped story. He's a friendly type isn't he? I'm betting that he went out and adopted a new house, just like Darcy did. *nods*

  5. okay - by popular demand - I shall from-now-on visualise him reclined on velvet cushion (with gold tassels) and served morsels of lobster lightly sauteed in a mushroom cream sauce on bone china by an elderly mad woman.