Thursday, September 16, 2010

I think there's something in that for all of us

I often wonder this also.
(I also wonder if the quote I used as the title was from the D-Generation or one of the other comedy skit shows that was on television around about that time - and what was that guys name again? - and why isn't he hosting Sunday Arts anymore? - and by the way my niece came second in her solo poem reading performance at the eisteddfod today portraying a sad mouse whose mother had just chucked her out of home because she was lactose intolerant and didn't eat cheese - it ended in the tragic death of the mother mouse snapped in a trap due to her addiction to the substance - a judgment on the intolerant against the intolerant, ey?)


  1. Whoa. It always ends badly for the mother, doesn't it?

  2. Everything is always mothers fault. It's an old by-law or charter or something.

  3. That's why I figure it is fair to give your child a funny name, say like Agatha-Agnes or Lemon. Kind of like a pre-emptive strike.

  4. The name 'Agatha' is prime for having come full circle, don't you think?

    Most people of current child-naming status will have missed out completely on Bewitched and will not be plagued with images of Aunt Agatha.