Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blinks bewilderedly into the day

So in my dream this morning, I was working in something like a newsagency, except bigger with more staff and it was run by Richard Branson.  I also seemed to have bags of my old shoes there, along with a bag of the stuffed toys I had as a child.  Justin Beiber (sp?) wanted one of the used toys.  I offered the large fuzzy mouse, but he only wanted the chicken slippers.

Richard said there was lots of good buzz about me and I was an up and comer.

Then I woke up and Blossom-cat, who had been playing with one of my shoes, decided to leap on the bed - however a claw had still been attached to the shoe (which is a very light slipper type shoe) and consequently it was flung up a-la sling-shot and smacked me in the face.

Good morning, I think?


  1. Really.
    You couldn't pay for that sort of therapy.
    There's nothing that gets you off to a good start like a slap in the face with an article of footwear.

    Was Richard naked?

  2. Thankfully not nekkid - he was going through the bookwork and a bit snippy and cranky.