Friday, September 3, 2010

Other stuff I wrote whilst at work

O how I miss thee
ever reliable online rhyming dictionary
wot previous was a finger-tip type away
you always knew just what to say
Who was it who wrote that song what goes like "time keeps on ticking ticking ticking into the future"?  I want to punch them in the nose.
unhappy with my lot
I invest in lotto
I wonder if there is a limit to how much Camomile Tea one should drink a day?
I would like to live somewhere that has church bells that ring out the hour, like Hobart, but not actually in Hobart.  Hobart is too cold.
Like hyperactive ants at the start of their working day
Keen to go forth and produce for Queen and nest
They are feckin' little annoying pests
getting into sealed jars, cupboards and plastic packets, what choice is left?
but to poison the little bast--d pests
Camomile doesn't seem quite enough
or an appropriate equivalent to snuff
out rambunctious bothersome nerves
as poison to ants, what would better serve?
Has anybody got any proper d---s?
sigh, it's not even lunchtime yet.

1 comment:

  1. I lived near a church once.
    The kind that had bells.
    It got annoying very quickly, especially when you'd had a big night out.